Sains Leonardo

Sains Leonardo

This is a little about Sains Leonardo.

Other than Isaac Newton by James Gleick, what are the other interesting biographies? Some of them are the biography of Leonardo da Vinci, Galileo Galilei, John Nash, Stephen Hawking, Richard Feynman, Charles Darwin and Albert Einstein. There are more but these are all whose storytelling is captivating.

Sains Leonardo (Jalasutra, 2010) tells about the life of Leonardo da Vinci, a genius from Florence, Italy. Fritjof Capra, the physicist who wrote this book, is able to make life the passion and greatness of the works of this European Renaissance figure.

One may know Leonardo more as a painter – who never heard of Monalisa? But this man has sides that are rarely revealed. Although he left behind him thick books and notes full of detailed description on his experiments, bright images and deep analysis for his discoveries, books on his science are scanty.

As a scientist and an engineer, Leonardo possesses an unequaled uniqueness. His visual greatness which has been praised throughout the ages makes him different from the other scientists and engineers. His study on the arm anatomy shows detailed, subtle depiction of hands and comes with notes on the functions of each part. So does when he studied the veins.

Leonardo’s approach to scientific knowledge is visual. It is an approach of a painter. “Painting,” said Leonardo in this Sains Leonardo, “summarizes in itself the entire manifestation of the universe.” For Leonardo, painting is both an art and a science.

Through his thorough study, Capra shows that together with the rise of systemic thinking that emphasizes on network, complexity and organizational patterns, we can be better in appreciating the power of Leonardo’s science and its relevance with our modern world. Capra enriches this Florence man’s flamboyant life with conflicts on power, intrigues in palaces, and competition among artists and scientists, and deliver them clearly and captivating.

Note: I translated this book in 2010 and I heard that the book sold well. This post an excerpt from a book review blog on Tempo Interaktif. I translated this excerpt with a link to the source as a courtesy.

Update: Sorry, I removed the link because it is considered harmful by Chrome.

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