No Resolution

I have been “lazy” this past few days. Yea, even one who is always known as a horse when it comes to work, there are phases where he is not capable of doing anything good. Such is the past few days — including now, I think.

It has something to do with design. A month ago I invite a friend of mine to code my WordPress theme. I did the design myself. He spent a week at my house, coding days and nights, interrupted only by sleep and eat — we rarely took a bath, I admit.
I intended that design for a new blog on technology. I planned to maintain that blog just like in the old days when I was in Bali and had not yet suffering from broken heart. That design was awful. Terrible. If only you see that visuals, I am sure you will smile and feel pity for me. That’s alright. That theme is bad indeed.
So ever since that design tragedy I have been designing and designing and designing. Learning, exactly. I never have a deep understanding about Photoshop before but during this one month I think I have learnt a lot — and many more to learn, I must say.
Works were left undone and when the deadline comes near I hurried with my broken laptop finishing those works. Some translation jobs from a Vietnamese agency with who I have been working since November last year. A few small writing jobs for websites and blogs.
But not a single post did I write for my own blogs. There is nothing that I could write. I only posted, using schedule feature in Blogger, some articles on legendary footballers. That was in my other blog. Other than those, there is none.
Should I stop now with design? I think I can’t do that. I am so amazed with design. Well, when I was a kid I used to draw using ballpoint and paper. I draw anything, from musicians and wars to sexual intercourse. But I never went far. During the years as a university student, I was deeply involved in literature.
So I think I will keep on with my design. Of course, jobs shall be worked on too. I have a new boarding room and I have to pay the rent. As per blogging, as soon as I finish the revision for that WordPress theme, I  will take off, blogging once about technology news.
No resolution. This post is just a rant of a late sleeper (oh, I have not slept yet since last night — and it’s Sunday!).*

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